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Klymit Ulaar Jacket

Klymit makes the Klymit Ulaar Jacket

Today I wanted to talk about the Klymit Ulaar jacket which is designed and manufactured by a cool new company that I have discovered in the last few months. The company is called “Klymit” and they are quite an interesting company. Their niche is that they design and manufacture lightweight hiking gear that has what they call “Klymit Noble Gases” as an insulator. This allows them to eliminate down material, making the hiking gear very compact and lightweight. If you like what you read, I suggest that you go to Excursion Outfitters, an online outdoor retail company with great prices.

Klymit Ulaar Jacket

The Klymit Ulaar has a gas port located in the front pocket

The Klymit Ulaar Jacket has seamless welding along its complex chambers that move throughout the jacket. A small argon canister clips in to a small port, located on the inside of one of the front pockets. The port comes equipped with a dial which allows the wearer to inflate or deflate the jacket’s width on command. This gives the wearer the ability to control the temperature of the jacket. Klymit claims that 1mm of their gas is the equivalent of 9mm of down material. The argon gas also retains its thermal properties when submerged under water.

The Klymit Ulaar jacket is quite durable despite its gas filled design. It is important to note that the gas isn’t toxic to you or the environment and it isn’t flammable or dangerous. In a single season, you will probably use approximately 2 canisters.

I recently got this jacket when I was going to go on a extended hike with my family. This jacket is amazing and its worth every penny (it is expensive). I highly recommend that you look further in to what Klymit is doing.